Welcome to myristica.org

Welcome to myristica.org

July 2024 marks the one year anniversary of my time in public service. I have spent this last year talking to hundreds of stakeholders in Connecticut's success - political leaders, business leaders, non profit leaders, and every day members of our extended community.

I've realized through all of those conversations that I'd like to have kind of a central home for data points I pick up, initiatives that are noteworthy, and where I can share some of the data I see about the trajectory of our economy. I also thought I would opensource my presentations and my economic analyses that are within them. Both will shared as-is, without warranty expressed or implied, but shared with the hope that folks will help me improve them or use them for their own purposes.

Basically I'm just hoping to start more of a dialogue with those interested in participating.

Why the name myristica? Myristica is the tree that produces nutmeg. The logo I chose is meant to show that from seeds we plant today come the trees of tomorrow.

Let's get after it.

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